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Funeral Services

ICNL maintains an Islamic Cemetery (Gardens of Mercy) located in Ruston (1210 Mondy Rd). Being a nonprofit oragnization, the ICNL cemetery maintenance and grave digging costs are free for any deceased Muslim. Donations are most welcome to defray the maintenance and grave digging costs of the cemetery. Refer to the brief cemetery information below for further details on funeral procedures and directions to the cemetery.

General Information

According to the Funerals Consumer Guide "Each year, Americans arrange more than 2 million funerals for family and friends. Because funerals can cost thousands of dollars, you should be aware of federal regulations that can help protect you from overpaying." Funeral Homes can offer an inexpensive container and services to the deceased. "You have the right to choose the funeral goods and service you want."

Performing an autopsy on the deceased is prohibited in Islam, unless it is required by a court order.

Steps to Take

  1. If the death occurs in a hospital
  2. Please contact the nearest Islamic Center (Masjid) and seek advice from the Imam or the director to assist you in finding a suitable funeral home, which is familiar with preparations required for Muslims.

  3. Id the death occurs at home or outside the care of a physician
  4. Call 911 immediately!

    Do not bring the body to the Masjid until you get a death certificate or an officially certified document. The medical examiner at the hospital is the only person who can write the death certificate. Contact the Imam or the person in charge of the Masjid in your area who may contact ICNL for the arrangement of washing the body and other funeral services.

By the Grace of ALLAH (Almighty), The Islamic Center of North Louisiana maintains the Garden of Mercy all year around. Maintaining the cemetery requires funds. Please donate generously.

Directions to ICNL

1000 W. California Ave, Ruston, LA 71270

Directions to the Cemetary

Garden of Mercy Cemetary
1210 Mondy Rd.
Ruston, LA 71270

From Ruston / Monroe / Shreveport:

  1. Take I-20 W from Ruston / Monroe or I-20 E from Shreveport
  2. Take Exit 81 towards Grambling
  3. Merge onto LA-149 / RWE Jones Ave.
  4. Continue on LA 3005
  5. Turn Left at Null Rd. / PR-133
  6. Turn Right at Mondy Rd. / PR-131